July 9 2008

Source code licences

Ever given any real thought to what the different source code licences actually mean? There are a jungle of them out there and you should be informed about what usage of such source codes means for you, your projects and your clients. Grant Skinner has written on gBlog about this in a Flash and Flex developers point of view. It is some very interesting reading and to cut it short he is hoping that more developers choose the the MIT license.

A few of Grants words

I would strongly encourage developers to release shared code under the MIT license. When I release source code, it’s generally to help other developers with their day to day work, not to impose painful restrictions or requirements. My goal is to encourage the free sharing of helpful code, not force it (as the GPL does). I always appreciate attribution, but understand it’s simply not possible on some projects.

I would also encourage developers to petition the owners of their favourite shared libraries to change their licensing to MIT, if they haven’t already.

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