June 29 2008

Popforge Flash Workaround (fp 9)

Ok, so the Popforge library that I´ve written about is developed for Flex but works well in Flash after some modifications to the SoundFactory class and some other minor tweaks. After seeing some posts at Joa Eberts blog where people have asked about a flash workaround I´ve decided to put up my modified SoundFactory class for download. When I started to implement Popforge in Flash I asked Joa what he would do and he said that instead of embedding the swf (thats the problem) load the bytes directly, and thats what I did (After some help).
Download SoundFactory.as

The entire Popforge library resides on http://code.google.com/p/popforge/

Lundeee on 10/26/08

Thank you very much for this!!!

Fredrik on 10/26/08

No worries.. Just glad I could help!

John on 01/12/09

Fredrik, you are an absolute champ. Thanks VERY much!

Christopher on 07/13/09

I haven’t started playing with this yet, but I read about the Flash CS3 issues. Your post solves that, AND got me pointed in the right direction of where to start. Thank you. :)

Christopher on 07/13/09

I guess my lingering question is: How do I get started with loading in a .wav file and playing it as a Sound object? I see the great depths and possibilities, but am unsure on the small stuff. I appreciate any feedback you have.

Thank you,


kh4os on 02/13/10

Can you explain how to start with popforge and flash cs3.?

smash on 05/03/10

kh4os i have same question :(

Fredrik on 05/03/10

To those with question on PopForge for fp9 all I can say that now when FP 10+ has been released there is no need to use it. There are new exiting libraries that is even more easy to use. Check out http://code.google.com/p/standingwave/

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