January 10 2010

Hitting the ground running

2010 just started and things at the Lonely Duck office are more productive then ever. We are working on a couple of great projects at the moment and we are making new connects almost every day. Not that everything leads to a new project or a client but it is nice to see that people are interested in our work and that the marketeers now feel that the iPhone is a marketing channel to count on and wants to be there.

How one should go about when choosing the way to appear in this new channel of course differs between different brands. The most common thing we see is that this doesn’t really matter from the client point of view. Just to be in the iPhone or any other mobile phone can be good enough.
I can’t say that I can totally disagree with that. Not that I believe that simply getting your logo on whatever app out there is the way to go, even if that has been done numerous times already, but there is a truth in that more and more people are looking through their mobile phones to see the outside world and help them with their everyday lives. To be able to support this behavior, lighten up the day and perhaps offer assistance in daily situations can be a great customer- and brand care. Doing this without charging a buck is perhaps not always looked upon with the greatest gratitude but most certainly boost the value of the brand if the service is helpful enough.
This can be elaborated on for ages of course. But let’s just say that I feel that 2010 will be an interesting year.

Enough talking, let’s make this happen!

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