November 7 2009

Another app signed and delivered + some thoughts

Earlier this week we released a new app. It was the Jabra STONE, an app promoting the newest hi-end bluetooth headset from Jabra. The app is free to download on the app store and allows you to simulate stone skipping. Of course in the app this is done by throwing the rounded stone shaped bluetooth headset over calm black water.

It is always interesting to see how an app does sales wise on the App Store and how people find their apps. We at Lonely Duck have always worked with the notion that most people don’t browse through the back catalog of App Store to find that special app that they crave at the moment. Often it is the highest rated apps or the newst that gets all of the attention. And if people don’t discover your app during the short time the app is fresh, chances are it will get buried under the massive amount of app released each day. Of course the top lists on the App Store is a great booster to any app, but that’s a tough place to get in. We believe that viral / real world word-of-mouth might be the most successful way to gain reputation on an app.

As observed on the release of the Jabra STONE a small Japanese blog posted a video on the app with subsequently lead to an enormous upswing in downloads from Japan. This was not something that we ourselves had any part of and if we had it wouldn’t feel nearly as cool. We believe in people and when most iPhone app review pages charges a couple of $ to give a good review they are really hollowing out their own integrity and it just feels fake.

We believe in the power of the people!

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