August 28 2009

Recent work


Well, so much has happened since the last post I’ve made on this blog that I don’t know where to begin. Anyway, I have now moved to Stockholm and I really like it! An awesome city full of creative inspiration. It also feels great to work more closely with my coworkers at Lonely Duck.

Back to the interesting bit. We have been working with a couple of different projects since April and I thought a couple of them deserves to be mentioned. Back in August we released Darkroom Music a retro themed full flash video website for the digital music company Darkroom. The sits lets the user experience the digital music creations of darkroom while full screen videos makes you wanna move even more. The site lets you share or embed the music of Darkroom through Facebook and other social sites.


Apart from a couple of various flash projects we at Lonely Duck have continued working with the iPhone and have recently released two apps. The one that we invested most time in is Tower Attack, a game that takes the Tower Defense genre and gives it a little twist. The goal is to plot the ultimate way to make it past the towers, make sacrifices on the altar of altruism and synchronize the attack. The goal is to let the grey alien with the mysterious briefcase reach the castle. See a couple of screen shots and read more here!.

During my vacation I found the lack of an app that contains drinking songs quite frustrating so we decided to fill that gap. The app is simply called Snapsvisor and contains 99 schnapps songs sorted in various categories. The user can choose to create his/her own songbook that will come in handy during festive occasions. Read more here!

So this was a short summary of sorted highlights since last time. We┬┤re currently working on a number of exciting projects both for the iPhone and the web and I will present the final projects when it is possible.

Take care!

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