February 12 2009

Following the iPhone hype

Lonely Duck has entered the realm of iPhone development. It is an exiting new world full of opportunities and challenges. A couple of weeks ago we landed our first client project for the iPhone and it will be out later this month. During this time we also created a game with the appealing name Full Metal Throttle Chopper. Basically the application works as the throttle of a motorcycle, with a realistic engine behavior and both speed and RPM gauge. Just twist your cell phone to rev the virtual throttle. Tilt it to shift and off you go. As if these features isn’t enough, solely the tag line will make you buy it:

Ever wanted to leave the office in the middle of the day, gear up and go riding on the open highway? The sun in your eyes, all troubles left behind, a free spirit roaming the badlands with nothing but freedom and opportunities ahead.

Or maybe you just want peoples’ attention at parties? Whichever dream you hope to fulfill Throttle Chopper is the app for you.

When you are a person interested in different types of interaction methods and interfaces the iPhone is truly a toy. People will be interacting through location, proximity, acceleration, sound and touch. So much can be done, but what applications has been at the top of the paid apps list? iFart, iGirl and iBeer! Is this saying something about the current state of the world, about financial crisis or depression. I´m not at all qualified to say, but it´s clear that iPhone apps are going through a maturing process. The market is flooded with simple applications that are claiming to do ONE thing, this thing of course differs between applications, but they do this one thing and at the moment that is all it takes! These applications will be downloaded and used a couple of times for kicks. They bring an instant payback for the buyer by doing exactly what the say they do. So what would the lead word of the first generation iPhone apps be, I guess, Simplicity.

My Brute Game on 09/14/09

Very good post. iPhone apps are so much fun!

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