June 14 2008


When designing a website it it always important to make the user feel at home and welcome users from a variety of backgrounds. When using text to prove the point of a link or what action a certain button will perform some of the semantics can be lost by shortening the description. And this is almost always done. Short words like: Go, Stop, Play, Enter are almost always usable and easily interpreted but when it comes to more specific functions it can be more difficult to present a short meaningful word. So Instead of words. Use icons. Of course icons can be interpreted the wrong way to, but designwise icons can make a site beautiful when used in the right way. Another great thing, you don´t have to make them yourself :) there are a bunch of awesome icons out there. Free for personal or business use. Just check out these links and if you end up using them in a commercial project throw a couple of bucks their way.

Example of free icon sets (mostly pixel icons)

If you find a set that you just find awesome please reply. You can never get enough of icons :)  

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