Fredrik Johansson
Interaction Designer / Developer / Digital Creative
Finding opportunities, solving problems and creating beautiful ubiquity.
I'm an entrepreneurial spirit with a passion to create digital solutions that solves real problems. Be it some small tricky task in your everyday life or a larger decision on how an organization should act to reach the masses with a message. I enjoy finding the opportunies and the answers.

I have spent the last four years founding a mobile agency, becoming partner of another and while doing it also managed to develop, design and conceptualize a lot of mobile apps, Facebook campaigns and Flash application while wading through tons of wireframes and been loving every step of the way.

Interested in something I've done or got something you think I should do?
Please let me know: e-mail or Twitter.

Current projects
Vii - Local Facebook events and places for iOS
Role: Creator and concept developer in collaboration with Amanda Westin
VII aggregates content from various social media services and creates a real-time mashup for the specific city. The core feature is to highlight and find Facebook events by location, a true missing feature of Facebook.

Currently available in the following Swedish cities:

Selected client projects
- Mobile

Pure Bentley Universal App
Role: Lead iOS-developer and conceptualizer for moving existing printed content into digital form. Adding interactions and behaviour.

FASS for iPhone
Role: Interaction Designer, concept developer and lead iOS-developer.

The PUMA Index
Role: Lead iOS-developer.

Visit Mexico - Mexico Tourism Board
Role: Lead iOS-developer.

Aalborg Akvavits Snapseguide
Role: Lead iOS-developer.

LOKA Fejsmix
Role: Lead iOS-developer.

Role: Lead iOS-developer.

- Web/Facebook

Role: Digital Creative, concept co-developer and Flash-developer

Mixa med Negrita
Role: Digital Creative, concept developer, Flash-developer and Facebook Graph API integration.

Rexona Fresh Today
Role: Digital Creative, Flash-developer and Facebook Graph API integration.

7-Eleven Give-away Facebook Campaign
Role: Flash-developer and Facebook Graph API integration.

Pressbyråns Facebookshopp
Role: Flash-developer and Facebook Graph API integration.

LOKA Fejsmix / Facebook Campaign
Role: Flash-developer and Facebook Graph API integration.